Ivanov and Nogovitcyna

The last superblitz round was very exciting. Many options were possible. Finally Artiom Ivanov won his first gold medal in Elite Mind Games but Matrena Nogovitcyna just did it again. She is solo leader in any kind of IMSA events classification.  Can she did it third time this year? We Read more…

2:0 for Russia

First two gold medals goes to Russia! Nogovitcyna confirmed, that in IMSA events is effective as no one else. while Shvartsman simply remind his colleagues who is the World Champion. Tomorrow we are waiting for exacting draughts show called “superblitz”. Daily highlights by Edvar Bouzhynski will come shortly,

Chinese surprize

After first day of rapid event well known persons are leading. Guntis Valneris after two draws won next 4 games and leads solo.  as well as Matrena Nogovitcyna in women tournament. Looks that Matrena wants to be on the top of our hall of fame list. This two players we Read more…

Amazing opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was  fantastic. After his artistic impression all player are ready do do more then usually at the board. We start with rapid-men at 10.00 AM China time (2.00 AM GMT). Enjoy games live. Opening performers gallery.

Parings are ready

During FMJD-EB meeting in Wageningen numbers for all tournaments where drawn. Rimma Chertok and Ingrida Drukteinyte did it under technical control of FMJD Tournament Director Jacek Pawlicki. Players from the same country playing together in the first half. We can see paring at the menu “results”

Super blitz

What to do with superblitz? We know that  just one game can destroy all competitions schedule. So in China we will play with something new. For the fist 6 games, 2 seconds bonus works as a increment (like before) but from game #7 bonus time is not cumulative.